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Shardha Jogee

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs, Professor
College of Natural Sciences, Department of Astronomy

Rex G. Baker, Jr. and McDonald Observatory Centennial Research Professorship in Astronomy (Holder)

Professor, Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs - PMA 15.326 or WCH 3.124


Phone: 512-471-1395

Office Location
WCH 3.124

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

B.S., Cambridge University, UK (1992)
M.A., Cambridge University, UK (1995)
M.S., Yale University (1994)
M.Phil., Yale University (1994)
Ph.D., Yale University (1999)
Postdoctoral Scholar, CalTech (1999-2002)

Research Interests
Galaxy Formation and Evolution; Galaxy Mergers; Star Formation and AGN; Galaxy Evolution in Clusters; Secular Evolution, Bulge Assembly and Barred Galaxies.

Group Areas
Black Holes & AGN, Secular Evolution, Galaxy Mergers, Galaxy Clusters, Star Formation (Extragalactic)


  • Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 16 award, GO-11082, 2007 (Deep NICMOS Imaging of GOODS)
  • Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 15 award, GO-10861, Apr 2006 (An ACS Treasury Survey of the Coma Cluster)
  • Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 14 award, GO-10395, 2005 (Environmental drivers of galaxy evolution: an HST survey of Abell 901/902 supercluster)
  • Hubble Space Telescope Cycle 13 award, GO-10428, 2004 (The colours of QSO host galaxies at z=2 and the evolution of their stellar masses)
  • Education and Public Outreach award for the ACS Treasury survey of the Coma Cluster, Dec 2006 (PI). (A Cluster of Activities on Coma from the Hubble Space Telescope, StarDate, and McDonald Observatory).
  • NASA Education and Public Outreach award, Mar 2006 (PI). (Building a Bridge to Texas High School Science Teachers and Students).
  • NSF STEM Undergraduate Education award (DUE-0807140), 2008. (Scientists for Tomorrow)
  • American Association of University Women Educational Fellowship (AAUWEF), 1996
  • Amelia Earheart Fellowship, Zonta International, 1996
  • Yale University J. F. Enders Fellowship, Yale University, 1995
  • Elected Fellow, Cambridge University, England, 1990-1992