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Antoinette de Vaucouleurs Lectureship and Medal

This memorial lectureship was established in 1990-91 to honor the late University of Texas Astronomy Department Research Scientist Associate Antoinette de Vaucouleurs. The prize was endowed by private gifts and matching funds from the Board of Regents of the University of Texas and is awarded annually to an "outstanding astronomer in recognition of a lifetime of dedication to astronomy". 

Beatrice M. Tinsley Centennial Visiting Professorship in Astronomy and Tinsley Scholars Program

The Tinsley Visiting Professorship was created in honor of the late Beatrice M. Tinsley who received her PhD in Astronomy from the University of Texas in 1967 and passed away at the young age of 40. The Professorship allows the Astronomy Department to invite eminent astronomers to visit and work with our faculty and research scientists for approximately a month to facilitate longer and more productive collaborations.

The Tinsley Scholars program was created in 2007-08 as an addition to the Tinsley Visitor Program and invites early-career scientists to visit the department for approximately a week. Each of the research groups in the Astronomy program chooses a visitor in their field, so we usually host up to six Tinsley Scholars a year.