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Harriet L Dinerstein

Department of Astronomy


Phone: 512-471-3449

Office Location
RLM 16.324

Postal Address
The University of Texas at Austin
Department of Astronomy, College of Natural Sciences
2515 Speedway, Stop C1400
Austin, TX 78712

B.S., Yale University (1975)
Ph.D., University of California, Santa Cruz (1980)

Research Interests

Planetary nebulae; abundances in gaseous nebulae; infrared, optical, and ultraviolet spectroscopy of emission lines; extragalactic H II regions and star formation in disk galaxies; classical novae.

  • 1989 Newton Lacy Pierce Prize in Astronomy (American Astronomical Society)
  • 1984 Annie Jump Cannon Award in Astronomy (American Association of University Women/American Astronomical Society)

Recently Taught Courses:

AST 309N: Lives and Deaths of the Stars (Fall 2016)
AST 307: Introductory Astronomy (Fall 2015)
AST 352K: Stellar Astronomy (Fall 2014)
AST 152M: Stellar Astronomy Laboratory (Fall 2014)
AST 393F: Survey of the Interstellar Medium (Spring 2013)