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Munoz, Julian B.

Julian B Munoz

Assistant Professor
Department of Astronomy

Theoretical cosmology; dark matter and the first galaxies; cosmic dawn and reionization; 21-cm, CMB, structure formation


Office Location
PMA 16.332

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Ph.D. in Physics, Johns Hopkins University (2017)

B.S. in Physics, Complutense University of Madrid (2013)




Julian Muñoz is a theoretical astrophysicist, working at the interface of cosmology and astronomy. His best-known work is on 21-cm cosmology and dark matter. He uses techniques ranging from pen-and-paper calculations to computer simulations to confront his theories to cosmological observations. In particular, Julian is an expert in the epochs of cosmic dawn and reionization, when the first stars in the universe formed, which he uses to extract new insights on the nature of the dark sector of our universe. His past work also covers the large-scale structure, cosmic microwave background, and fast radio bursts.

Theoretical cosmology, with a focus on understanding the nature of dark matter. Key questions include:

- Developing cosmic dawn and reionization as probes of dark matter and the first galaxies

- Discovering the energy content of our universe at different cosmic times using standard rulers

- Searching for light relics, including massive neutrinos, in the large-scale structure

- Exploring the cosmological information contained in surveys of Fast Radio Bursts