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Volker Bromm

Department Chair, Astronomy, Professor
College of Natural Sciences, Department of Astronomy

Jane and Roland Blumberg Centennial Professorship in Astronomy (Fellow) | Josey Centennial Professorship in Astronomy (Holder) | Distinguished Teaching Professor


Phone: 512-471-3432

Office Location
PMA 15.310C

Postal Address
AUSTIN, TX 78712

Ph.D., Yale University (2000)
M.Sc., University of Heidelberg, Germany (1993)

Research Interests

Formation of the first stars and quasars; high-redshift supernovae and metal enrichment; supermassive black hole formation; gamma-ray bursts; reionization of the intergalactic medium; present-day star formation; computational astrophysics.

I. On the First Stars and Galaxies

Forming the First Stars in the Universe: The Fragmentation of Primordial Gas, Bromm, V., Coppi, P. S., & Larson, R. B. 1999, ApJ, 527, L5.

The Fragmentation of Pre-enriched Primordial Objects, Bromm, V., Ferrara, A., Coppi, P. S., & Larson, R. B. 2001, MNRAS, 328, 969.

Generic Spectrum and Ionization Efficiency of a Heavy Initial Mass Function for the First Stars, Bromm, V., Kudritzki, R. P., & Loeb, A. 2001, ApJ, 552, 464.

The Formation of the First Stars: The Primordial Star-forming Cloud, Bromm, V., Coppi, P. S., & Larson, R. B. 2002, ApJ, 564, 23.

The First Stars, Bromm, V., & Larson, R. B. 2004, ARA&A, 42, 79.

II. In Other Fields

The Formation Mechanism of Brown Dwarfs, Bate, M. R., Bonnell, I. A., & Bromm, V. 2002, MNRAS, 332, L65.

The Expected Redshift Distribution of Gamma-Ray Bursts, Bromm, V., & Loeb, A. 2002, ApJ, 575, 111.

The Contribution of the First Stars to the Cosmic Infrared Background, Santos, M. R., Bromm, V., & Kamionkowski, M. 2002, MNRAS, 336, 1082.

The Formation of a Star Cluster, Bate, M. R., Bonnell, I. A., & Bromm, V. 2003, MNRAS, 339, 577.

Formation of the First Supermassive Black Holes, Bromm, V., & Loeb, A. 2003, Ap. J., 596, 34.

  • 2004–2010 Numerous Invited Review Talks on the First Stars and Galaxies
  • 2009 The University of Texas System Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award.
  • 2008 College of Natural Sciences Teaching Excellence Award.
  • 2007 Board of Visitors Teaching Excellence Award.
  • 2004 Space Telescop Science Institute Postdoctoral Prize Fellowship.
  • 2003 Northeastern Association of Graduate Schools Dissertation Award.
  • 2002 Robert J. Trumpler Award, Astronomical Society of the Pacific.