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Tarver, Tracy
Tracy Tarver
Associate Director for Business Operations
PMA 13.116
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Taylor, Anthony No
Anthony J Taylor
Postdoctoral Fellow
Research Interests: JWST Spectroscopy, Epoch of Reioinization, High-redshift emission line galaxies. Working with Prof. Steve Finkelstein.
Taylor, Cheney No
Cheney Taylor
HET Optomechanical Technician
McDonald Observatory West Texas
Taylor, Josh No
Josh Taylor
Postdoctoral Fellow
Teixeira, Katie No
Katie Teixeira
Teaching Assistant
Atmospheres of terrestrial exoplanets and their potential for habitability
Terrazas, Chevo
Eusebio Terrazas
Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate V
McDonald Observatory West Texas
Thelie, Emilie No
Emilie Thelie
TCCAP Postdoctoral Fellow
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