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Benedict, George F.
Fritz Benedict
Research Affiliate - Research Fellow
RLM 16.222
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Benningfield, Damond
Damond D Benningfield
A&P Hourly Employment, A&P (Part-Time)
Beranek, Lana
Lana R Beranek
Sr. Business Services Associate
RLM 13.116
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Best, William
Will Best
Postdoctoral Fellow
Brown dwarf and planet formation, evolution, and atmospheres; low-mass initial mass function; ultracool binaries; infrared observations.
Bhattacharya, Mukul
Mukul Bhattacharya

EM follow-up of low latency GW triggers, FRB source properties & population(s), GRB prompt radiation mechanism
Black, Abigail
Abby Black
Administrative Program Coordinator
GDC 7.504F
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