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Benedict, George F.
Fritz Benedict
Research Affiliate - Research Fellow
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Benningfield, Damond
Damond D Benningfield
A&P Hourly Employment, A&P (Part-Time)
Berbel, Zethran No
Zethran N Berbel
Research Engineering/ Scientist Assistant
Berg, Danielle No
Danielle A Berg
Assistant Professor
Berg, Michelle No
Michelle Berg
Postdoctoral Fellow
Galaxy evolution; Circumgalactic medium; Ionizing photon production from massive stars; UV/optical spectroscopy
Best, William
Will Best
Postdoctoral Fellow
Brown dwarf and planet formation, evolution, and atmospheres; low-mass initial mass function; ultracool binaries; infrared observations.
Biddle, Lauren No
Lauren Biddle
Postdoctoral Fellow
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