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Cantu, Enrique
Enrique Cantu Jr
Senior Financial Analyst
Enrique (Henry) Cantu, Jr. with McDonald Observatory and Astronomy Department
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Carrillo, Andreia

Milky Way and nearby galaxies stellar populations
Casey, Caitlin
Caitlin M Casey
Assistant Professor
RLM 16.218
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Castanheira, Barbara
Barbara Castanheira
Research Affiliate - Research Fellow
Catlett, Sandra A.
Sandra A Catlett
Executive Assistant
RLM 15.208
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Champagne, Jaclyn
Jackie Champagne
Teaching Assistant
Star formation processes in early-Universe dusty galaxies in high-density environments, using radio/millimeter interferometry
Chen, Hope
Hope Chen
Postdoctoral Fellow
Main research interests include star formation and its connection to the dynamics of substructures in molecular clouds.
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