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The awards listed below are given to Astronomy Department Graduate Students. Recipients of the awards are chosen by the Graduate Studies Executive Committee.

Fred T. Goetting, Jr. Memorial Endowed Presidential Fellowship

The Goetting recognizes a student for outstanding service to the Department of Astronomy, usually for excellence in teaching.

Year Recipient
2022-2023 Catherine Manea
2021-2022 Quang Tran
2020-2021 Danny Krolikowski
2019-2020 Andreia Carrillo
2018-2019 Sinclaire Manning
2017-2018 Raquel Martinez
2016-2017 Yao-Lun Yang
2015-2016 n/a
2013-2014 Erik Brugamyer
2012-2013 Rodolfo Santana
2011-2012 Chalence Safranek-Shrader & JJ Hermes
2010-2011 Irina Marinova & Jeremy Murphy
2009-2010 Guillermo Blanc
2008-2009 Joshua Adams
2007-2008 Sarah Salviander & Shadrian Strong
2006-2007 Amy Forestell
2005-2006 Claudia Knez
2004-2005 Julia Silge & Joe Tufts
2003-2004 Marsha Wolf & Erin McMahon
2002-2003 Nairn Baliber & Joe Tufts
2001-2002 Pamela Gay
2000-2001 Yancy Shirley
1999-2000 Pamela Gay
1998-1999 Marcel Bergman

David Alan Benfield Memorial Fellowship in Astronomy

Recognizes outstanding research by a senior graduate student.

Year Recipient
2022-2023 Tyler Nelson
2021-2022 Jessica Luna & Rebecca Larson
2020-2021 Duo Xu
2019-2020 Briana Indahl
2018-2019 Ben Kidder
2017-2018 Tsz Ho "Benny" Tsang
2016-2017 Wenbin Lu
2015-2016 Marshall Johnson
2014-2015 Michael-Gully Santiago
2013-2014 JJ Hermes
2012-2013 Manos Chatzopoulos
2011-2012 Jeremy Murphy
2010-2011 Guillermo Blanc
2009-2010 Donghui Jeong
2008-2009 David Fisher and Jarrett Johnson
2007-2008 Ivan Ramirez
2006-2007 Lucas Cieza
2005-2006 Nick Sterling
2004-2005 Mukremin Kilic
2003-2004 Jeong-Eun Lee
2002-2003 Anjum Mukadam and David Yong
2001-2002 n/a
2000-2001 Yancy Shirley
1999-2000 Inese Ivans

Frank N. Edmonds, Jr. Memorial Fellowship in Astronomy

Given to a second or third year student who shows strong promise in research.

Year Recipient
2022-2023 Olivia Cooper
2021-2022 Kyle Franson
2020-2021 Ronan Kerr
2019-2020 Maddie Lucey
2018-2019 Taha Dawoodbhoy
2017-2018 Duo Xu
2016-2017 Sam Factor
2015-2016 Raquel Martinez and Wenbin Lu
2014-2015 Yi-Kuan Chiang
2013-2014 Marshall Johnson
2012-2013 Mimi Song
2011-2012 Paul Robertson
2010-2011 Manos Chatzopoulos
2009-2010 Jeremy Murphy
2008-2009 Donghui Jeong and Irina Marinova
2007-2008 Jarrett Johnson
2006-2007 Ivan Ramirez
2005-2006 Marcelo Alvarez
2004-2005 Lucas Cieza
2003-2004 Nick Sterling
2002-2003 Shizuka Akiyama
2001-2002 n/a
2000-2001 Greg Doppman
1999-2000 Inese Ivans
1998-1999 Juntao Yuan

Board of Visitors Graduate Student Second Year Research Defense Award

Given in recognition for an outstanding Second Year defense of research to date.

Year Recipient
2022-2023 Olivia Cooper
2021-2022 Kyle Franson
2020-2021 Quang Tran
2019-2020 Tyler Nelson
2018-2019 Patrick Drew
2017-2018 Sam Factor and Sydney Sherman
2016-2017 Raquel Martinez and Ben Kidder
2015-2016 Wenbin Lu
2014-2015 Jeremy Ritter
2012-2013 Yi-Kuan Chiang
2011-2012 Hyunbae Park
2010-2011 Taylor Chonis
2009-2010 Manos Chatsopoulos
Chalence Safranek-Shrader
Erik Brugamyer
2007-2008 Guillermo Blanc and Sean Couch
2006-2007 Donghui Jeong
2005-2006 Mike Dunham
Jarrett Johnson
David Fisher
2004-2005 Ivan Ramirez
2003-2004 Lucas Cieza
2002-2003 David Smith
2001-2002 Jeong-Eun Lee
2000-2001 Jasmina Marsh

Outstanding Thesis/Report

These annual University awards recognize outstanding master's theses/reports from across the University. Nominations accepted from Graduate Studies Committee Chairs.

 Year   Recipient
2020 Boyuan Liu

Effect of Lithium Hydride on the Cooling of Primordial Gas

2015 Hyunbae Park

The Kinetic Sunyaev-Zel'dovich Effect as a Probe of the Physics of Cosmic Reionization: The Effect of Self-Regulated Reionization

2011 Emmanouil Chatzopoulos

Discovery, observations and theory of over luminous supernovae and peculiar transients
[Texas Libraries Digital Repository]

2009 Tim Weinzirl

Outstanding Masters Thesis-Math, Science and Engineering: Constraints on the Origin of Bulges in Hierarchical Models

2005 Jarrett Johnson

Towards the First Galaxies

Outstanding Dissertation

To doctoral students whose dissertations merit recognition for excellence in scholarship, research, and writing. One nomination accepted annually from each graduate program.

Year  Recipient
2012 Guillermo Blanc

Studying Star Formation at Low and High Redshift with Integral Field Spectroscopy
[Texas Libraries Digital Repository]

2011 Ian Roederer

From heavy atoms to the outer galaxy : characterizing the chemistry of the Milky Way halo
[Texas Libraries Digital Repository]

2007 Mukremin Kilic

Cool White Dwarfs and the Age of the Galaxy
[Texas Digital Library]

University Continuing Fellowships

These are UT's largest annual awards, and are based on: major accomplishments since entering Graduate School, a well-defined program of research, strong personal statement, and letters of recommendation.

Year Recipient

Jackie Champagne

2019-2020 Sydney Sherman

Sam Factor
Yao-Lun Yang
Intae Jung
Yao-Lun Yang

Wenbin Lu


Yi-Kuan Chiang
Mimi Song


Kevin Gullikson
Rodolfo Santana


Paul Robertson
Manos Chatzopoulos


Erik Brugamyer
Jeremy Murphy
Chalence Safranek-Shrader


Guillermo Blanc


Guillermo Blanc
Irina Marinova


Donghui Jeong
Jarrett Johnson
Joshua Adams


Michael Dunham
Ivan Ramirez
Jarrett Johnson 


Elizabeth Fernandez
Robert Quimby 


Lucas Cieza-Gonzalez
Erin McMahon

Harrington Fellowship

In support of gifted and ambitious young scholars at The University of Texas at Austin at a level that would equal or exceed the levels of prestigious longstanding programs at other institutions around the world.

Year Recipient
2021 Boyuan Liu
2014 Raquel Martinez
2010 Joshua Adams
2006 Lucas Cieza-Gonzalez