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international3Processing Fee:

The University requires a $90.00 processing fee from all international applicants. If you know someone already in the U.S. who can pay the fee for you, please contact him/her. The Graduate and International Admissions Center will NOT process your application until the fee is paid.

The $90.00 fee is a University requirement, not a departmental requirement, and we regret that we are unable to pay the fee for you.

English Skills:

As of September 1988, all international students who request financial aid in the form of a teaching assistantship will have their English skills tested by the International Office upon arrival. This is in addition to the TOEFL test you should have already taken prior to your admission. If the tests indicate that additional English courses are required before you can become a Teaching Assistant, then you (not the Astronomy Department) may be asked to take the additional English courses at your own expense.

Additional Information for International Students can be obtained from the University of Texas International Office.