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Undergraduate Research Advisor Topic
Ilyse Clark Berg Nebular Emission Properties of the CLASSY Galaxies
Eva Chen Jogee

Dust Star-Forming Galaxies at Cosmic Noon
JWST Exploration of Galaxy Assembly

Zacharias Escalantes Jogee The Star Formation Rate of Massive Dusty Galaxies at Early Cosmic Times
Aishwarya Ganesh Gully-Santiago Characterization of Exoplanets and Their Host Stars with McDonald Observatory's Habitable Zone Planet Finder 
Neel Nagarajan Sneden Studying Atmospheric Activity in Red Giant Stars Using Spectroscopy
Aniket Sanghi Best Constraining the Initial Mass Function of L0-T8 Brown Dwarfs Using Population Synthesis Simulations
Aniket Sanghi Zhou/Bowler Reference Star Differential Imaging of PDS70 using HST/WFC3
Kaile Wang Hawkins Chemical Maps in the Milky Way
Eden Wise Jogee Properties of Massive LAEs at z~2
JWST Exploration of Galaxy Assembly
FRI Streams
Sarah Howes Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Pamela Nguyen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Sarah Olivera Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Rian Robison Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Julian Sennette Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Avery Allen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Prateek, Bardhan Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Isias Cervantes Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Ilyse Clark Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Aishwarya Ganesh Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Rakim Hirji Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars

 VIP Projects

Sarah Bruce Finkelstein            Galaxy Evolution                                            
Nick Davila Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Samantha Goldberg Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Abriana Himantog Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Thomas Maina Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Valentina Tardugno Poleo Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Raghav Venkataramanan Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Kaile Wang Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Delaney White Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution