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Undergraduate Research Advisor Topic
Katelyn Ashok Bowler Determinig the Spin-Orbit Alignments of Directly Imaged Explanets and Brown Dwarfs
Zach Baker Gebhardt Automatic Data Classification Using Machine Learning
Alice Burington Hawkins Orbits of the Oldest Stars in the Milky Way
Gina Chen Offner Role of Filaments in Star-Forming Regions
Ilyse Clark Berg Nebular Emission Properties of the CLASSY Galaxies
Zoe de Beurs Kraus/Vanderburg Removing Stellar Activity from RVs using Artificial Intelligence
Zacharias Escalantes Jogee The Star Formation Rate of Massive Dusty Galaxies at Early Cosmic Times
Jean Feeser Best Classifying Brown Dwarf Photometry Using Machine Learning
Sarah Howes Bowler Identifying Exocomets in TESS Light Curves
Dhruva Karkada Offner Harnessing Machine Learning to Study Protostellar Outflows
Dustin Katzberg Hawkins The Chemical Homogeneity of Binary Stellar Systems
Kendrick Mack Finkelstein JWST: Data Simluations
Itzel Montoya Bowler Age-dating Nearby Young Stars
Christina Negrete-Montero Bowler Validating Planets Around Thick Disk and Halo Stars
Enrico Piperno Guszejnov Molecular Cloud Properties in Simulations of Spiral Galaxies
Pranav Premnath Wu/Bowler Dynamical Mass Measurements of Young Stars with ALMA 
Aniket Sanghi Best Constraining the Initial Mass Function of L0-T8 Brown Dwarfs Using Population Synthesis Simulations
Aniket Sanghi Zhou/Bowler Reference Star Differential Imaging of PDS70 using HST/WFC3
FRI Streams
Sarah Howes Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Pamela Nguyen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Sarah Olivera Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Rian Robison Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Julian Sennette Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars (Summer)
Avery Allen Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Prateek, Bardhan Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Isias Cervantes Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Ilyse Clark Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Aishwarya Ganesh Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars
Rakim Hirji Montgomery FRI/White Dwarf Stars

 VIP Projects

Aubrey Medrano   Finkelstein            Galaxy Evolution                                            
Daniel Mock Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Ronak Ramachandran Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Raghav Venkataramanan Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution
Delaney White Finkelstein Galaxy Evolution