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For more information on any of these awards, please send an email to studentinfo@astro.as.utexas.edu.

Awards for Travel and Research Support

Award Intent Deadline
Awards for Travel and Research Support Annual Funds = $3,500 Travel to conferences and observatories, funded by Cox UG Excellence funds. Applications are made over the course of the year. We strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible, as funds may be exhausted by the end of the year.
Walton Funds for Undergraduate research at McDonald Observatory Annual Funds = $2,000 Support travel and lodging for undergraduates conducting research at McDonald Observatory. Applications are made over the course of the year. We strongly recommend that you apply as early as possible, as funds may be exhausted by the end of the year. We expect to fund ~3 students annually.

Annual Merit Awards

Award Intent Deadline
Karl G. Henize
Endowed Scholarship
Awarded to a junior or senior who intends to pursue a graduate career in astronomy. Nominations in fall semester, awarded in December.
Board of Visitors
Given annually to a junior or senior astronomy student for excellent overal performance. Students are asked to submit a brief essay discussing their career as an astronomy student, extracurricular activities, previous awards, astronomy research projects, public outreach and future plans. Nominations in fall semester, awarded in December.
Outstanding Senior Award
Given to a graduating senior for outstanding overall performance (grades, research, service). Nominations in fall semester, awarded in December.
Ralph Cutler Greene Endowed Scholarship
Awarded annually to an outstanding senior astronomy student entering their final year. Service to the department, university and community at large will be considered as well as excellent research skills and classroom performance (gpa).  Nominations in fall semester, awarded in December.
John Kelly Texas Amateur Astronomers' Scholarship (TAAS)
Amount varies
Awarded to an undergraduate Astronomy student. Recognizes excellence in astronomy research and outreach. Nominations in fall semester, awarded in December. 


Ralph Cutler Greene Endowed Scholarship

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Delaney White
2020-2021 Zoe de Beurs
2019-2020 Maryam Hussaini
2018-2019 Logan Pearce
Sofia Rojas Ruiz
2017-2018 James Sullivan
2016-2017 Melissa Morris
2015-2016 Rebecca Larson
2014-2015 James Diekmann, III
2013-2014 Arina Rostopchina
2012-2013 Caroline Caldwell
2011-2012 George Miller
Jennifer Ellis


Astronomy Freshman Prize for Excellence Recipients

Year Recipient
2018-2019 (final year) Nathanael Ribar
2017-2018 Sarah Carpenter
2016-2017 ~
2015-2016 Xinsheng Chen
2014-2015 Patrick Aleo
James Sullivan
2013-2014 Kayla Leonard
2012-2013 Ryan Fuller
2011-2012 Isabel Lopez
Malcolm Thomas
2010-2011 Arina Rostopchina
Travis Cormier
2009-2010 Mark Moore
Maria Mogyorodi
Michelle Kassel
Pablo Alvarez
2008-2009 George Miller
2007-2008 Gabriel Moreno
2006-2007 Douglas Steimle


Karl G. Henize Memorial Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Neel Nagarajan
2020-2021 Delaney White
2019-2020 Zoe de Beurs
Pranav Premnath
2018-2019 Anne Dattilo
Aimee Schechter
Emily Strickland
2017-2018 Logan Pearce
2016-2017 ~
2015-2016 ~
2014-2015 Sarafina Nance
2013-2014 Rebecca Larson
2012-2013 Arina Rostopchina
2011-2012 Renata Violante
2010-2011 Caroline Caldwell
Michelle Rascati
2009-2010 Jennifer Ellis
George Miller
2008-2009 Andy Liao
Aditi Raye Allen
2007-2008 Krista Smith
2006-2007 Alexander Fry
2005-2006 Kyle Penner
2004-2005 Ross Falcon
2003-2004 Anandi Salinas
Philip Cargile
2002-2003 ~
2001-2002 Rodolfo Montez
2000-2001 Erin Smith
1999-2000 Erik Brugamyer
1998-1999 Shizuka Akiyama
1997-1998 Chris Laws
1996-1997 Blanca Basso
1995-1996 Benjamin Shaw


Board of Visitors Undergraduate Scholarship Recipients

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Samantha Goldberg
2020-2021 Rabia Husain
2019-2020 Adrian Crawford
2018-2019 Laney Wicker
2017-2018 Meghana Killi
2016-2017 ~
2015-2016 ~
2014-2015 Taylor Hoyt
2013-2014 ~
2012-2013 Miquela Stein
2011-2012 Renata Violante
Arina Rostopchina
2010-2011 George Miller
Jennifer Ellis
2009-2010 Aditi Raye Allen
2008-2009 Krista Smith
2007-2008 Alexander Fry
2006-2007 Sarah Miller
2005-2006 Chad Gardner
2004-2005 Sierra Irwin
2003-2004 ~
2002-2003 Tamara Chiba
2001-2002 Heather Jacobson
2000-2001 David Smith
1999-2000 ~
1998-1999 Erik Brugamyer
1997-1998 Patrick Young
1996-1997 Audress Johnson


Outstanding Senior Award Recipients

Year Recipient
2021-2022 Sarah Howes
2020-2021 Joseph Guidry
2019-2020 Elizabeth Gutierrez
2018-2019 Zili Shen
2017-2018 Richard Seifert
2016-2017 ~
2015-2016 ~
2014-2015 James Diekmann
2013-2014 Arina Rostopchina
2012-2013 Kevin Luecke
2011-2012 Alyx Stevens
2010-2011 Krista Smith
2009-2010 Rex Lundgren
2008-2009 Joyce Byun
2007-2008 Sarah Miller
2006-2007 Ross Falcon
2005-2006 Justin Lowrey
2004-2005 Chad Vicenek
2003-2004 ~
2002-2003 ~
2001-2002 Erin Smith
2000-2001 David Smith
1999-2000 Naveen Reddy
1998-1999 Patrick Young
1997-1998 Chris Laws
1996-1997 James Crawford
1995-1996 Sonali Kolhatkar
1994-1995 Eric R. Berger
1993-1994 Gregory W. Doppman
1992-1993 Kevin Lee Luhman
1991-1992 ~
1990-1991 Matthew D. Shetrone
1989-1990 Teresa D. Wilson
1988-1989 Walter W. Miller, III
1987-1988 Hien Dinh Tran
1986-1987 Pedro Antonio Sada
1985-1986 Janice Ellen Hestand
1984-1985 Patricia Knezek
1983-1984 D. Scott Poehlmann
1982-1983 Marc Pinsonneault
1981-1982 Gabriella Turek
1980-1981 Robert Light

John Kelley Texas Amateur Astronomers' Scholarship (TAAS) Recipients

 Year Recipient
2021-2022 Aniket Sanghi